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***Updating as of 09//21/18

Website Anniversary (Start) 12/02/08.


HP89 Spartan "Color Day" October 03 every year, so wear your Orange Proudly

HP89 started the HP FB CRAZE by moving to FB in March 2009 & now due to that, have brought many Alumni together.

Remember to scroll through each page in its entirety in order to avoid missing information.

**UPDATE 09/23/18**

HPHS Class of 89 30 Year Reunion Information

It's almost time to buy your tickets!! We will have a deposit deadline to reserve the venue, so that is the reason we need to collect ticket funds early. 

We are planning our 30 year reunion to be sometime in October 2019 but are still working on it.  

Those wanting to attend will be mailing in a $89 ticket payment (each) to the address below, before March 1st. 2019. After that date, tickets will be $100 each up until August 1st 2019. There will be a venue room capacity limit, so send in your payment to reserve your spot ASAP.    

Payable to: HP89 Classmates

Address: PO Box 3642, Huntington Park Ca 90255 


 This "FREE" Keep in touch Website that will bring you memories. This site will continue as we continue 2 locate more classmates & keep you all informed on future gatherings. 

Get registered! everyone counts! this Website which started in December 2, 2008 Is about communicating with old friends & making new ones.

(Disclaimer) Keep in mind all information you volunteer to place on this website can & will be viewed by others at your own risk. 


Check out the 10 & 20 Year Reunion pics under (Guest Profile)

Congrats again HP89 Spartans! we had an awesome 20th year reunion, which matched/exceeded that of a 10th year reunion attendance. Thank you for making it happen. Start posting those pics under your profile.

"HP89 Spartan Classmates"  

Homecoming football games would be a great place for HP89 to continue to set the example in bringing that Spartan Pride back with a record number of attendees, as we did at the Reunion. We have motivating others classes 2 do the same & our goal is 2 become a  New Generation of Active HP Spartan Classes joining in on the existing Alumni Assoc. Picnic.

New Registered Classmates  (being updated)

Lets work on this as a team & get as many classmates on our website as possible, everyone of our classmates count, so spread the word about joining this site. They can register for "FREE" by clicking on: (see instructions below before proceeding)

If your name is posted on the list click the (here now) button at the bottom of the page & input your information.

If your name is not on the list *you're not important* (no!!! I'm just kidding) click on the (contact us) button at the bottom of the page & fill in your full name & email address information, then press the (send) button. We will be notified & then send you a direct invite. Once you receive it, please input & post your information.

Thank you
Daniel Calderon
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 This may have been the last reunion 4 some, because unfortunetly some may not make the next & thats if we have another!! Your attendance showed your support of our HP89 Class & the bond we share as Spartans is stronger then the difficult economic times we are  facing. Most important, that you have not forgotten your roots & friends of where you came from. There is a high chance that the frienships you re-encounted on reunion night may last a lifetime & will be well worth the $ you paid on the tix. This may also lead 2 a network business connection, job connnection, Significant other connection, like others that have attended past reunions.


Class of 1989...... We ARE a "SPECIAL CLASS"

Proud to inform all that one of our former Classmates was the 

Huntington Park High School Principal

At the time of our 20 year reunion

"Raul Correa"


Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.

Peter Pan posted by Juan S.

Many of us spent more time with our friends than our own family, because that's what we become.

Our class memories can be so distant in time but so fresh in our memory

--Quotes from Daniel C.

      Family are the people that are chosen for you, and friends are the Family you choose.

--Quote from unknown source

       The best memories are the ones you can't explain and end up saying," You  just had to be there!"

 --Quote from Diana H.

                "all you married people out there remember to keep watering your garden so it stays beautiful."
Tony G.

 "It's far better to be happy than right"

Oscar Lopez

Life isn't like a bowl of cheeries or peaches... It's more like a jar of jalepenos...

What you do today, might burn you in the ass tomorrow!!!

By Jim Davis ( Garfield the Cat) 

"Never forget your roots so you wont forget who you are"
Posted by Liza


 'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did'. When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence..... 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

Jose M. Posted 

"If you dont know where your going, then any road will get you there"

Daniel C.

" A mind is like a parachute, in order to function properly, it must be open." 

Some Guy posted by Cesar L.